Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's been almost a week now

since I started writing this story. It doesn't even have a name yet, so for now it's called "Headhunter", the title of the first chapter. I don't have much to tell about myself and blogging about my boring life of drinking and "medicating" myself isn't that much of a tempting subject, but still I've thought of blogging for a long time. Just didn't have anything to blog about, before last thursday.

I was out smoking in our backyard, when suddenly I came up with an idea for a character. It didn't really belong to any other story project (I've had two earlier, never did more than a few pages), but I could have implemented it to one. I decided to just start writing something about it before I'd forget it. This is when it lifted off; it had no direction, no plot, not even a general idea of how things would progress. At first, I didn't know how long the first chapter would be nor what would happen in it. A few sentences later, I wrote something that inspired the ending of the one-page chapter. The story developed as it went on and it still does. So far, each chapter has an ending I had not planned in advance. I think this is exactly what makes the difference between two years ago and now; I hadn't thought about it, stressed about it. Sure, there's always a scene or two floating around in my head and I'd love to dive in and see what I could come up with, but seeing how far I've gone now (though six and a half pages isn't much, but it's the most I've ever wrote) and how good I've done in my opinion, I really don't want to risk it.

It is now four, short chapters in length and the fifth might be alot longer. There is a reason why some chapters are shorter than others, but I won't tell why. It's kind of like an easter egg. You should pick it up quickly. I like easter eggs, and other "hidden" stuff, so there's going to be alot of things the reader needs to realize. It's very easy to forget a little detail that could reveal something that's about to happen in the future, or not, since the story doesn't ride on tracks.

There's still so much more I'd like to say in this first post, but I'll try to keep it short. On top of publishing a chapter once in a while (when I'm done editing and fixing grammar and derps*), I'd also like to discuss about the chapter and how it developed. Discussion posts might contain spoilers of the chapter in question, or hints of the events in the following chapters. Even so, the story might take a 180 degree turn at any point.

Alright, so that's about it for the story intro. There's a one thing I'd like to mention to fellow writers: PyRoom. It's a writing software that really doesn't get in your way. It's just text, on a full screen background, so you can write without any annoyance. It's written in Python, so it's also very lightweight. Unfortunately, it hasn't been released to Windows yet, but they're working on it. On linux, you can install it via the terminal with "sudo apt-get install pyroom" or by downloading the tarball from their site.

I'd appreciate any feedback or critique, for I hope it will push me further in my endeavors. However, if you're going to say something, please state your honest opinion. I don't need it with vanilla frosting and cherries on top, I'm a big boy already and I can take it. I don't believe in negative feedback, though insulting is another thing, because it will steer me to a better direction. Since this is my first time writing fantasy (earlier I've only done scripts and background info, which is a lot less descriptive and less playing with words), I would really like to know how I can improve my writing style, so it's easier to understand.

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